Yard Work!

We worked in the yard...a lot. Besides setting up our amazing beehive (I promise I will REALLY make a post about that soon. I'm playing catch up from 2 weeks ago). Now we have a garden and part of an orchard and rows of fruit plants and bushes. In addition to the existing crabapple tree and 3 walnut trees, we now have clementine, mandarin and nectarine trees planted. We decided to use the area we originally wanted the garden in for the fruit because it provides the most sun and we found a perfect little patch next to Optimus' future fence for a garden so I can work there while he plays in the yard.

Anyway, I'll stop babbling and get to the pictures. This first batch is the fruit portion of the yard.

Blueberry bushes on sale for $9.97 from Home Depot - what an absolutely fabulous deal for bushes that are so big. They even have fruit on them already.

This is a row of raspberries my mom and Steve brought from their garden in Michigan. They were trimming back the big raspberry bush at our house there and brought some chutes here. We'll see if they take to the soil here. They also brought some rhubarb from our garden back home. To keep pests away from the raspberries, we planted bulbs of garlic in between each of the bushes. It doesn't look like much here, but they are actually starting to turn from pretty much dead to just a little bit dead.

Fruit trees! - Nectarine, mandarin and clementine. We also just got a peach tree for 50% off at Home Depot so we'll have to fit that in there somewhere (along with the grapes and blackberry bushes).

We have a mini, teeny, tiny, little baby orchard!


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