It may seem like we left you all...for a LONG time. No, we didn't go on vacation. More like a stay-cation...or a stay-work. Ok, none of that makes sense, but that may be due to the ridiculous stuff we have done since the last post. In pictures, here are a few things that have happened that one of us will (hopefully) elaborate on later.

There was and is some demo work going on in the back bedroom that we want to turn into the master bathroom. We are exposing the old brick to make it look rustic/vintage/antique. This is just what I did. You can see little tiny bits of brick.

Then Zach and Lexi (my brother and sister) came down and worked on the room. Zach went to work on that room for about 7 hours with a hammer, fubar, chisel and a flathead screwdriver though I think he only really used the hammer. His results (besides hands FULL of blisters):

Here is the inside of the old closet we are removing to make a doorway into the master bedroom.

In an earlier post, I showed a picture of really old wallpaper. As it turns out, that wallpaper wasn't actually paper bags that were painted on but real, beautiful pink greatness. After we ripped down a piece of trim in the closet, we discovered this beauty:

View from the front:

And then looking back from the opposite corner of the room:

After that demo, we got a chance to take a trip to the county landfill. We couldn't figure out anything to do with old plaster and bits of broken construction materials, so we had to go to the landfill. It made my innards die a little. I never want to go back unless it is to claim stuff other people have thrown out. There were mountains of really nice pallets and so many other perfectly good, usable items. UGH. This time, we failed at the eco-friendly route because we had no idea how to do that.

Once I finish chipping concrete off the face of the chimney, more pictures will follow.


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