Bees Knees!

This is a short video of our bees taken from sometime later at night. Tom had just gotten his new yuppie iphone and needed to check out the video recording feature. Since his previous phone was the original iphone, we didn't have fun stuff like this to play with. Now we can include video features to our blog. Yay!

Anyway, the bees were ridiculously hot, which is why they are clumping around outside of the hive. Guess that is what happens when it's above 90 outside nearly every single day. Even at around 8-9pm, they are still on the outside of the hive, sometimes in layers 2-3 bees thick. Fun fact: if you don't provide water for bees to drink, they become ornery and are prone to swarm. Right now, the best we have is a bucket full of water in the yard with stones in it so the bees can actually have something to land on and not drown themselves.

Also, they are incredibly docile. As you may have noticed, we can get pretty darn close to them and not even worry about getting stung. We have even been opening the lid up off of the top layer, which is the feeder, and feeding them without gloves, hats or suits. Though they have been pretty mellow thus far, we have also managed to keep Optimus away from them....


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