Taking a Break

So I took a break from painting 3/4 of the rooms in the house. Now, I don't mean that I have been painting 75% of the rooms in the house. I mean that I have been painting the living room, dining room, bathroom, master bedroom and kitchen....but only to about 8' out of the 10'. Even with the ladders, I can only reach so far. So yes, I have been painting the bottom 3/4 of the walls. Some are painted a little higher up from when I stood on my tiptoes on a ladder or stood on the edge of the bathtub. Yes, we have a ladder. However, I refuse to go above the rung that says "DO NOT GO ABOVE THIS RUNG". Therefore, our walls are looking a little....unfinished. Somebody taller than me (ahem) will have to help me out.

Order of Rooms Shown in Pictures/Color They are Painted:

1) Living room - Pumpkin

2) Bathroom (Yes, that is a world map shower curtain) - Araucana Teal

3) Master bedroom - Dipped Chocolate

4) Dining Room/Craft Room/Office - Aracauna Teal

Anyway, I took a break from that to work on some of my own fun projects. Here are a few of my paintings that are in progress. I'm still not sure how I am going to finish it, but I want to do quite a few other anatomy themed pieces.

Another note on taking a break - Jane, who has made a guest appearance in the blog, texted me a few days ago and told me that she was coming to pick me up today at noon and that I should wear shorts or pants. While I have absolutely no idea what is in store, I'm getting another break from the house! Update you all on the fun later.


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