Music to Clean House To

Here is my playlist for the middle of the day when only Optimus and I are home. It helps eliminate the quiet in the house and the sound of Optimus snoring on the couch. Mood music for cleaning as of this week inspired by obtaining about 200 new songs for my computer. Disclaimer: This looks nothing like Tom's list.

"Slippery People" Talking Heads
"Tell Her Tonight" Franz Ferdinand
"All Day and All of the Night" Kinks
"Cherry, Cherry" Neil Diamond
"Midnight Confessions" Grass Roots
"Heavy" Collective Soul
"Florida" Modest Mouse
"Apache" The Ventures
"Point of Know Return" Kansas
"Call Me" In This Moment (Blondie cover)
"French Navy" Camera Obscura
"This Tornado Loves You" Neko Case
"Paint's Peeling" Rilo Kiley
"Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers" ZZ Top
"Gold Digger" Kanye West
"Sweet Jane" Cowboy Junkies
"Pretty Young Thing" MJ
"Don't Bring Me Down" ELO
"Burning Down the House" Talking Heads
"I Hate Myself for Loving You" Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
"Bad" MJ
"Into the Groove" Madonna
"Renegade" Styx
"BYOB" System of a Down
"Once in a Lifetime" Talking Heads
"Voices" Cheap Trick
"Take Your Mama Out" Scissor Sisters
"Number One" Ludacris
"Love Rollercoaster" Ohio Players
"Bad Romance" Lady Gaga
"Cult of Personality" Living Colour
"Shooting Star" Bad Company
"Cherry Bomb" Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

If you want to check any of these songs out, you can listen to 30 second clips on itunes or amazon...or you can get ahold of me to burn a copy for you.


Currently Listening to (at this very moment) "For Your Love" by The Yardbirds

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