Things the Previous Owners Left for Us: Outdoors Edition

More installments to come of both interior and exterior. Aren't you on the edge of your seat anxiously awaiting the arrival of that post describing the 6' taxidermied llama from our basement or the body buried in the concrete of our chimney? Maybe the llama is an exaggeration.

So for the outside...

At least 30 buckets full of kindling. So far, we have only picked one up out of the yard. This is enough kindling to last us for years...and years...and years... So we need to really figure out if our fireplace works or come up with an outdoor fire receptacle that is not illegal. Hmmm...

This goes along with the buckets of kindling. They left us a (several) piles of brush that are about knee-high on me. It makes our yard look super creepy.

After clearing a small section of the brush, I found some bricks! Score!

These concrete pads are so we can drive our big tractor out to the shed....for all 50' of the drive.

And the best for last...

See if you can determine what these are?

Random scrap lumber? Bracing for the deck? Doghouse?

Compost area? Bonfire pit?

....Well, if you guessed a child's play set, you would be correct. Yes! That is a teeter totter 3" off the ground and a sandbox. No really, I dug a few inches and really found sand/glass shards/dirt/rocks. Nothing quite like that to toughen your kid up. Between the Disney basement room and this, you can tell the kids were super spoiled.

Second installment coming soon to a blog near you! Ok, please bear with my nerdiness and adoration for horrible puns and pop culture references. Unexpected, I know.


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