Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Pictures...

50% off ALL lilies at Home Depot!! We plan to only plant perennials in our yard minus the veggies. Even if all the lilies don't look superb right now, they will come back again next year looking amazing. We are also going to plant mostly all the flowers we used in our wedding.

$10 dresser from Portland. Was originally yellow and I decided to paint it orange. Then, I decided to paint it orange and purple with some texture added by using some flimsy cardboard (maybe taken from a pack of nylons?). Once painted, I just put the cardboard over and waited about 5 seconds before lifting it off. Ta-dah! After that, I covered it in polycrylic to protect the paint. Yes, I know I am still missing a bunch of knobs.

Wall in the bedroom we are going to make into a master bathroom. Check out that wallpaper.

Sneak Preview of a Post to Come Later This Week:


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