Sneak Peak.

This is not exactly how the dresser turns out, but here it is on its way to becoming a permanent fixture in our home. As we may have mentioned earlier, we are trying to keep a common color palette throughout the house, which is primarily water and earthy tones. Here are the original colors we chose to go with in the house.

Since then, we have ruled out gray and have added a golden yellow color. Mainly, our goal is to paint each room a different color, but to accent those rooms with pieces of furniture and art that complement them.

Colors I can remember at the moment:
- Behr's "Pumpkin" mixed at Rodda Paint in Portland which is a no-voc paint. Rodda did a color match since we had a coupon for there and we liked their no-voc paint. Keep in mind that some voc's are added when the color is mixed into the paint.
- Martha Stewart's "Aracauna Teal" from Home Depot, which is low-voc
- Martha Stewart's "Moss" from Home Depot, again, low-voc (Don't quote me on that one. I know it is Moss or Mossy Green...something along those lines)
- Dutch Boy's "Dipped Chocolate" - low-voc
- Olympic's "Mecca Gold", sold only at Lowe's and is also no-voc

Our first reveal of dresser colors....(keep in mind this is not finished being prepped OR containing the knobs yet).

After we did at least one solid coat of primer, though it ended up being two in many areas), we got one of the tiny rollers out to do the teal part of the dresser. We were already using that in the bathroom since the bathroom is the same color, so we just pulled it out of the fridge to use for this.

NOTE: If you are not finished with a painting project and don't want to continually rinse your brushes out, you can wrap them in a plastic bag and stick them in the refrigerator. This works for every kind of paint except for oil-based paint, as far as I know.

After rolling the teal over almost all of the dresser, we busted out the Mecca Gold to use for the top and inner drawers. Since I was not absolutely positive that color would match with the rest, I picked up one of those itty bitty paint samples from Lowe's to test out the color. If nothing else, I have some yellow paint to use on something later and I'm only out less than $3.

With the yellow paint, I wanted to conserve as much of the little container as possible, so I didn't pour it into a paint pan, but rather dipped an angled brush into the jar. This worked really well and there is still at least 1/3 of a container left. What is shocking about that is that is left after three coats of gold paint.

In the future, I would seriously contemplate putting another layer of oil-based primer on before the color because the primer gives the paint something to really stick to. Seriously, it is like glue. If you decide to do something like this on your own, just be aware that you will need more of the light color than you think because the white shows through still even after two coats.

....and our semi-finished product (I am so excited to explain the rest of the process AND to show you the knobs we picked for this!)


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  1. I love the colors on this Jessie! I can't wait to see the knobs. Your house and dresser go really well with your blog background color.
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