My Weapon of Choice.

At least for the outside...if you don't count our amazing rechargeable weed whacker which we can give you more information on later. (It's absolutely wonderful and amazing). Anyway, my dad lives in a house with a TINY yard and his rototiller has just been sitting at my grandparents house for forever and a day. My grandpa and grandma were generous enough to bring the tiller over to my moms house so she could bring it down for us. I've been so excited to start my garden! Ok, so it is a little late and sweltering right now, but that probably won't stop me. Besides, we have at least 2 growing seasons in this state. Here I come 2nd growing season!

My Weapon of Choice:

It's REALLY easy for this thing to get away from you since it has no backstop (to keep it from charging forward really quickly), but I have also been a dog owner for two years. Considering Optimus is 75 pounds and can drag me across the yard, I have gotten used to bracing myself and not letting him run away with me. My Optimus skills transferred quite well to the tiller. Mom is also pretty BA with a tiller, so she helped me out a LOT. I love that my parents came and did manual labor for us...hard labor. Digging holes, planting trees, rototilling...lots of grunt labor.

For now, my garden is pretty itty bitty. I do, however, have a few other things to worry about around the house.

...and the beautiful finished product that we could absolutely NOT have done without my mom and Steve. Plus the buckets FULL of rocks that got brought up when we tilled. There are still BUCKETS of rocks there. That is a cool day project....someday.


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Holy Cow Batman!! We've used almost 25% of our allotted space on the blog already!

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  1. I think it's amusing and very cute that you do serious yard work in sundresses! It ironically makes handling the heavy equipment more badass.

    PS. If you upload your photos to a online photo site first (flickr, picasa) and then use the "link to online photo" function in Blogger, it will drastically reduce the amount of space your posts take up. It's an extra step, but worth it if you keep writing, which I hope you both do. I am living vicariously through you as I sit in my new urban townhouse that looks just like the other 74 in our neighborhood.