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This weekend. Tom will elaborate more with words soon (I'm sure), but for now, here is a little sample of what happened this weekend. Dad and Rhonda left and now Mom and Steve are here, so no break yet!


....and building plans.

Fan blades...

...and paint.

Since we cannot afford fancy updates to everything in the house, we are working on finding cost effective means of achieving a better look for the best cost. That means all the fans in the house match now!! (at least the colors do)

Elaboration on this weekend's projects to come. For now, let's take a stroll down "I'm obviously dreaming" Lane. Things I would love to have the money to update:

- New fans for all rooms including lights that 1: use less energy (mainly CFL's) and 2: create a more diffused light instead of the harsh spotlights of most fans

- Replace vent covers since none of ours match, half of them are rusty or don't work and I have some in mind that I really love (even though Tom hates them because they are "ugly") They have an antique look to them and the beige would really complement all of the other colors in the house. Plus, they are heavy duty metal....which also means expensive.

- Ability to buy a ton of fruit trees to start an orchard in addition to grapes for a grapevine, more blueberry bushes, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries or pretty much any other fruit that is a perennial and doesn't grow on a tree.

- Ability to buy or acquire dwarf spruce trees to line our property

- New roof

- Replacing old OLD OLD appliances with new Energy Star rated appliances (which always leaves me in the dilemma of buying a new product and thinking about how much energy it took to make the new product as well as the cost of getting rid of the older appliance. Ideally, stainless steel everything would be excellent.

- Speaking of stainless steel...eventually, a SS wall oven and microwave oven over the top would be amazing. Besides that, we are keeping our eyes peeled for great deals on drop-in stoves which would go right in the middle of the imaginary island in the kitchen.


Believe me - that is not all. I'm just SUPER tired.


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  1. Can you transplant berry bushes? We have tons of wild berry bushes in the woods around my mom's house ...