Simple Stools.

So people were about to be at our house this Saturday for our housewarming party and we happened to have a shortage of chairs.  At some point last year, I tried to use acrylic paint to paint a pair of stools I got off of Craigslist, but they turned out horribly gaudy and ugly.  No, I can't find pictures, but they were pumpkin orange and pink and aqua and green.  Poor decision on my part and I didn't really want to share those with our guests, especially knowing they would ask about the paint job.  With two cans of spray paint and five minutes, voila!

Simple golden yellow and aqua match with the rest of our house and our dishware, so these go great with the mossy green kitchen color. 

Just another little project. 


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  1. Those are great colors. They certainly would fit in around this house too! Quick and easy fix.

  2. Hey great usage of furniture for extra seating. Love the colors you chose. Thanks for coming by my blog. :)

  3. Love the stools and the updated colors!

  4. are you listening to creep by STP?