Collection O Furniture

As it turns out, our house here is a lot bigger than anything we've lived in. Before we left Portland, we sold a LOT of our stuff, especially the bigger stuff. Now we are trying to acquire furniture so we can actually have space to put our things away. Basically, we have a few things but haven't started revamping many yet. You've seen the aqua and gold dresser (oye, I wasn't happy with a few things and am in the process of redoing a few things). Anyway, we have gotten them from Craigslist, garage sales, secondhand stores, off the side of the road and from friends. Sneak peak of some of the items in their "before" state.

Lots of posts today, I know.  In a few days, there will be a "Part 2 of Collection o Furniture".  Also, I would like to pseudo-brag that we have not paid more than $30 for any single piece and most of them have been far under that or free.  I've resigned the thought of having ever having furniture that matches.  Yay for cheap finds!


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By the way, I figured I would link up all of the songs I am listening to on Amazon's MP3 Download, which is where I get most of my music - either there or through iTunes.  If you want to listen to it, all you have to do is click on the song title.

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