Afghan-istinan-ing (...the Office, anybody?)

So the cross-country trek was 3 days of pretty much straight driving. When I wasn't driving, I was trying to stay awake to keep Tom company because he has tendencies to get tired (though he denies it) so I came up with a project. Somewhere around Idaho, we stopped to get something to eat and I decided to pick up some yarn. Since there wasn't much to do, I figured to start crocheting an afghan that would match the colors in our new house. Much of our furniture, especially the two couches in our living room, are dark brown, so adding in some color to those was the main inspiration for this afghan. Here is the progress made from Idaho to North Carolina.

Basically, I ended up making the blanket INCREDIBLY long at about 8 or 9 feet wide which means it takes forever to get through one row. As of now, I think it is about 8-9' x 2'. So far, I have not gotten a chance to keep going on this except for once or twice, but I am sure once the weather gets cooler, I won't mind having a pile of blanket sitting on top of me all the time.

For any of you wanting to make an afghan like this, it is just a basic double crochet with 3 different skeins of yarn.


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  1. That picture is so funny! Great job making a blanket for your new house. I would be reading magazines and if I could I would be reading blogs too.