Foray into Laundry...

...without a dryer.

Luckily, it is incredibly warm here in NC and our house happened to come with a clothesline. Unfortunately, the clothesline is currently half covered with trees/bushes that appear to be growing on it from our neighbors' property, but we aren't sure yet, so we haven't tried trimming it yet. One day, we'll track them down and figure out who those plants belong to. In the meanwhile, I am still pushing for digging up the clothesline and repositioning it somewhere more private so I don't have to hang my undies out on the line right next to 2 other backyards. Something about that makes me feel awkward.

Anyway, we ended up getting another appliance at Lowe's scratch and dent. This washer was half price because something had happened to it and the front door was dented. HOWEVER, they replaced the front door and then put it out for 50% off. WHAT?!? Yes. We may not have a dryer and it is highly unlikely we will end up having a dryer that matches, but for now, I'm ok with all of that.

So...for our first foray into doing laundry, we had no clothespins yet....plus we did laundry sort of late at night...what? We were thrilled to be able to do laundry for the first time in a month! Don't judge.

When the clothes were finished, we had to figure out a way to dry them. This was our solution. Solutions, rather. Part of the solution involved taking cable that was not working and stringing it in between the walls/joists in the basement to create a sad looking clothesline. Soon (maybe?), we'll actually get a line hanging in the basement so we can still dry things during the 3 cold months of the year. Until then, I'll continue hanging them outside where the things hung on the line first are practically dry by the time I finish hanging everything else up.

You can see that we also used the compost bin I've bin working on to hang stuff over and then hung stuff over 2x4's that were randomly nailed between studs. Sorry for the quality of the pictures, but at least it gives you a good idea of what our basement is like pretty much all the time. Pictures of the magnificent clothesline to come.


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  1. Oh wow, I would die when faced with that much laundry to iron. In fact, we would probably go out with the most wrinkly clothes ever seen in public, or make the Downy Wrinkle Releaser makers extremely rich. I bet your clothes smell nice after being hung out in the beautiful NC sunshine, though!