Manic Monday...Wait...It's Wednesday.

Recently, I have managed to have a little bit of rage in me.  I think I need to start doing some roller derby again or something else that will give me a way to get rid of some of that.

Why hello Wednesday.  You provided me with the perfect motivation to get out some rage.  

Our house is a mess.  We've been staying in our guest bedroom since we moved here.  Well, we actually have 2 guest bedrooms, but one of them is going to be turned into the master bathroom, so we don't consider that a guest bedroom...not really.  Anyway, the closets in the guest bedroom are incredibly horrible.  Somebody nailed up a few 2x4's to set stuff on.  While we are in the process of getting and redoing furniture, we STILL don't have enough room for all of our "stuff".

I went into our room to find shoes today and this was the best I could do.

Luckily I have more than one of the exact same size of New Balance shoes.  Yay ebay!

Anyway, we finally splurged (of course it was on sale) and ordered a beautiful new bed off of overstock.com that is an 11" foam memory mattress.  It should be here in the next few days, which also motivates me to finish my headboard and built the platform bed with storage underneath.  Now I just have to figure out how to I want to design the platform and draw up some plans.  Ahh, the life of the unemployed/domestic engineer.

To clarify, that is not our frame - just the mattress.  I'm sure the UPS guys will be thrilled to deliver that 78lb package.  If you are looking for a bed and have been given the run around at the mattress stores (we did that for a few months), I would highly recommend the online route, especially using overstock.com method.  While it is nerve-wracking to spend money on something you haven't actually tried out, the reviews are wonderful. 4.5/5 stars with 283 reviews.  Pretty good, in my opinion.

Anyway, besides giving me an itch to make an Anthropologie inspired quilt for our new bed, this also pushed me to start getting our room underway.  I'm sure Tom is THRILLED about this since I have a million and three other projects going on as well.

To give you some perspective of how my day went... (in pictures, of course)

Oh, what a beautiful wall.

...you never know which tool will be right for the job until you get started working (at least on old houses)

I couldn't find safety glasses, so this had to suffice.

So the fireplace on this side does not exactly match the one on the other...I think there is a shelf of brick on this side of the chimney.  Hard to explain, I know.  It is so hard to peel 3" of plaster/concrete off of brick.  Any suggestions besides chisels?

Bonfire, what, what!

Hello future closet!

Why hi there future bathroom....WAYYYY future. 

Hello drywall.  What a nice? surprise to see you in an 87 year old house on top of lathing strips!

They even used screws as fasteners.  Tom is going to freak out that our house has some element of the "best, most sensical, logical, hardcore, most awesome ever" fasteners in it. I was fairly certain we just had nails.  Wrong.  There is a lone screw (ok, maybe about 4 to hold up that piece of drywall)!

Future doorway from master bed to bathroom.  This is what it looks like from the "bathroom" side with my pseudo-finished headboard in the background.

Oye.  Now what?

In the process of this mess, ahem, I mean PROGRESS, I managed to knock one of the platinum prongs off my wedding ring, which means...no more diamond.  I was even wearing gloves!  What the heck.  Oh well.  We'll find it.  That pile of rubble is only so big.  Sometimes I curse myself for being so hardcore.

...and this was only one of the things I did today.  More to come.


Currently Listening to "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga (Yes, I have guilty pleasures.  Don't judge.)


  1. please god don't tell me you're going to replace the plaster with drywall

  2. Dude, we're going to replace the plaster with drywall, of course. We will not, however, screw drywall on top of the plaster, like the previous owners did randomly throughout the house just to tease us.

  3. Well, we don't have a TON of choice in replacing plaster with drywall. For the rest of the house, heck no, but in this one instance, yes. We are moving a wall so we can make a built-in closet, so the current plaster is going and since I'm no expert in plastering, it will be replaced with drywall...JUST for the closet portion.