Holy Hot Lips!

Benjamin Moore's Aura is my new best friend.  Here is what an incredibly small bit of paint and about half an hour can do.  There is only primer on the very left side of the dresser (on the scroll work) and nowhere else.  While I will need another coat to really make this solid, I'm thrilled.  Never again will I use cheap stuff....ok, I probably will, but the whole time I'll be wishing I had this Aura stuff.  Yes, the name of the paint is "Hot Lips".  Love Love Love.   This is definitely going in my studio downstairs to hold a bunch of my fabric and sewing stuff.  Plus, it will look really sweet in that currently dark, dreary space in the basement.  Can't really have Barbie doll pink in any "real" part of the house since I kind of limited all NC State paraphernalia to the basement.  Anyway, take a look at the beginning stages though the lighting was terrible because all we had was a flashlight and a floor lamp since the fan was not yet hooked up and working. ....and I'm rambling again. 

I'll try to take some more pictures in the daylight...especially when I get a chance to do some more painting. What kind of hardware should I use for this piece? 

Speaking of hardware, the aqua and gold dresser will be done as soon as I get finished cutting the screws for the back of the knobs down to size.

Due to a bout of mild insomnia, the time away from the blog due to a weekend in Baltimore and a party at our place this weekend, there will probably be another few posts in the next couple of hours. 


Currently Listening to "No Cars Go" by Arcade Fire (Thanks a lot Marie). 

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