Pain in the Boo-tay

  These are the most horrific things in the world to paint.  It is times like these that I wish I had that really awesome Benjamin Moore paint that Sixty-Fifth Avenue praises at her blog.  Apparently it has built in primer which means no 2 coats of horrible Kilz primer just to cover a piece of furniture and THEN onto the colored stuff.  Once this gallon of Kilz is gone, I'm done with that type of paint.  Aura Paint from BM has a built in primer AND is colored, but it is also Low-VOC, which I am loving.  As soon as I figure out where a BM is around here, I'm there.

Enough ranting, but I will at least show you the reason for the ranting.  Worst things to paint EVER.  I need to find a better method - maybe a paint sprayer?

After I go over the rocking chair another time or two, I want to paint the rings around the legs and front of the arms a hot pink color, but it will just be a small accent.  We are going to have wooden rocking chairs on the front porch and I think the pink will really do a good job of designating which chair is mine.  This chest of drawers, found at Polyvore was the inspiration.  I want this dresser...or at least to create something similar because I most likely can't afford that dresser. 

My other PAINting project from today.


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  1. Home depot has a paint sprayer pretty cheap you just have to have an air compresser. I think that it is 15 or 20 bucks... but well worth it when you are painting stuff like that. Lowes and Home Depot both have paint with built in primer now also. My mom used the Home Depot kind in her house on brand new drywall, and it only took one full coat and then touch up in a couple of places.