Knock Offs

This is one of the next things I'm working on, which will not be a queen, but a king size bed. That way, when we have more than one dog or kids or whatever, we can all snuggle in bed comfortably.

Ana of Knock-Off Wood has been one of the biggest inspirations to me ever since I discovered her blog about a month ago. After spending hours upon hours dreaming about every one of the plans, I came to the somber realization that I couldn't do anything until we moved.

So we are now in our new house with our new (Christmas present from last year) chop saw set up in the basement and I have some semblance of free time. We have always had a bed without a headboard and I decided that was no longer acceptable. I can't wait to finish this, but I must since I am waiting on some more lumber. Booo.

Anyway, I'm not sure what color or stain the bed will have, but I am in love with the first two shown.

If you have never come across this before, you should most definitely check out Ana's blog. She does building plans for people of all levels of expertise and draws on inspirations from places like the Pottery Barn and Ikea. Her blog can be found here.


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