Tom Goes To Work

Now that I'm an expert at this blogging thing, I'm back, just a few minutes post-mastery.

Right now, I'd like to share the epic journey of "Tom Goes To Work" with everyone. So we bought this house, right? And it's really far from my office. In fact, of all the houses we considered, it is the furthest from my office of any of them (the environmentalist in me is screaming, but Jessie is probably just as concerned with my poor, run-on sentence structure and starting sentences with "and" and "I" (insert mischievous laugh here)). We're doing a couple of things to offset this awful commute, such as growing a lot of the food we eat and not going out to eat, which is helped by the fact that there is nowhere to eat within a 10-mile radius of here (although a local police officer told us he was excited to say that a Hardee's is going to be built this year).

However, the most direct way we can at least lessen this impact is via our awesome car. It has super powers. Not only does it get great gas mileage, but the blue color can beacon us from miles away (even at night) to tell us where we parked. Plus, it makes us stick out even more in Franklintonfieldville (I feel compelled to say that everyone here has been incredibly, overly nice, all the time and it is awesome, even though we are young, tattooed, import-hybrid driving liberals).

On my commute into and from work, I'm getting a verifiable 55+ mpg (see picture above for commute to the office yesterday morning). Last week, I picked up the unusually/specifically-long couch I made from my dad's office, where he had been using it to take naps between studios and classes. After disassembling the couch, the entire thing, including all the cushions, fit completely inside the car. Today, I grabbed a bunch of 8' boards for Jessie to build a bed and table out of, among other things, and just tossed them in on the way home from work. I am certainly very glad and appreciative of the fact that we are in a position to have a car like this.

But the plot thins, as we need a second vehicle, because as awesome as this car is, it is not two cars. Also, it cannot carry 4x8 sheets of plywood, OSB, jello, or sheetrock. Nor can it carry large furniture, or certain large appliances.

At this point we(possibly just me)'re hoping for a mid-90s Chevy diesel, because then we can offset the terrible mileage by using waste vegetable oil and biodiesel. In this situation, driving a big truck that runs on grease from Farmhouse would actually be better for the environment than the awesome Honda discussed above. Also, everywhere we drive will smell like wings, fries, and everything else that gets deep-fried at Farmhouse. You're welcome, Earth.

If you have any old diesel trucks you don't need anymore, you can ship them to address. Thanks in advance.


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  1. Why thank you, it does indeed have some sweet cushions, particularly the one at the end. :)