Contesting. No, not disputing.

Create...Share...Inspire (The CSI Project) is a craft blog that does weekly contests to see who comes up with the best projects to fit the theme.

For the last few months, this canvas has been sitting in a pile because I could not quite figure out how to finish it. I still haven't had that brilliant moment of clarity, but I am inspired by next week's contest at CSI, which is the "...Red, White and Blue!"

Stay with me here. If you are anything like me, you probably thought, "Ugh, how cheesy" and "...so they want us to create corny crafts about freedom and liberty? Yeah right." So I put it in the back of my mind because I want no part in decorating my house to look like an American flag. To me, those are the colors you would see in a country style decor of a middle aged mothers house complete with trinkets of little dolls and angels. Then again, I am definitely not the typical craft blogger.

Anyway, I saw the red streamers Jane and Jenn had decorated our house with and immediately knew they had to go on that canvas. I knew we were keeping those for some reason. Tom gets on me for keeping useless stuff, but otherwise, this would have just gone in the trash. I'm practically saving the planet here.

So here is my partially finished canvas, which is going to go in my future basement studio along with other geeky anatomy and history themed art. For now, maybe I'll just finish it and stick it in the dining room. Everybody loves anatomical hearts staring down at them while they eat. Ok, that was gross - especially for a vegetarian.

Finished product to come when I actually find a craft store around here and can get some Mod Podge.


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