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Well, we have had our stuff for about 4 days now and haven't really gotten a chance to put any of it away. As soon as we unloaded the moving truck, Tom got sick. He has not taken a sick day the whole time he has been at this job (3 years) except for when I was sick. This week, he took two days in a row! Guess moving across the country and settling into a new house can really wear a person out. Just as he was heading back to work, he passed that lovely bug on to me. So I have been laying on the couch all day (which is amazingly comfortable and handmade by my talented husband) and have spent another day on my computer...looking at craft blogs...again. *Sigh*

Needless to say, I haven't gotten anything done today, but there are a few things from yesterday. One of our upcoming plans is to paint the entire house and this picture is taken in the living room, which is the first thing people see when they walk into our home. We definitely wanted to get rid of the pastel yellow and go with something a little more us. Mainly earthy colors - browns, greens, orange, aqua, etc. So yesterday I put up a few colors on the wall.

Tom says he likes the orange. I think I agree with him. We're thinking teal for the dining room/office/my craft area and the bathroom. By we, I mean me. He has basically granted me creative freedom, but I still run everything by him to get his opinion.

In Portland, we got this dresser at an estate sale for around $5-10. Going to estate sales in the late mornings on Sundays is the most amazing thing ever. Everything is at least half off and they usually end up charging you less for everything just because they want to get it out of the house. We have scored some amazing bargains that way, which I will share in later posts. Back to my original point, I got this dresser and we had some yellow paint around, so I painted it but ran out before I could paint the drawers. So the drawers are still the original ugly gold color with a yellow background. TERRIBLE...which is probably why it lived in the basement of our old house. In addition, at least half of the knobs are missing.

Since I could not wait to bust out the orange No-VOC paint from Rodda Paint in Portland, I had to find something

Here is the work in progress. I'm going to put another coat of orange on there (maybe), do some sanding and beating on the dresser with tools and whatnot and then do some antiquing with a dark brown stain. While I haven't done this before, I've read about it a lot. That practically makes me a pro, right?

As you can see, the area is a complete mess. At least we have one room that is semi-tidy, which is the future guest room, which is also the room we are sleeping in whilst working on our bedroom. To appease Tom's need for absolute organization, I figured having at least one room in the house that was clean and organized would help him out, but that is about all I have been able to do so far.

Speaking of all I've been doing, this whole sitting on the couch all day thing isn't too bad. At least it gives me a chance to update the blog so our near and dear can know what is going on in our lives instead of feeling guilty about not working on the house 24/7. Besides, cuddling with Mr. Optimus Prime is great. He is an amazing foot warmer and has been wonderful company for me during the long days when Tom has been at work. I love the crap out of him. He's awesome.

Tom says his head looks huge. I just think he looks adorable.

Maybe I can muster the strength to meander around the house and take a few pictures of things I've done so far. Maybe I'll just end up trying to organize the kitchen so I can use my new Kitchen aid mixer...but I will most likely end up using my new Dremel Max Multi-tool. More to come on that and other sweet new tools I have been able to finally use.


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