Breaking the Seal

Behold. My first blog post. I really don't know how I am supposed to feel about this.

Regardless, here it comes. Since Jessie's first post gave a very (very) brief overview of the house, I figured I'd share some of the more useless "Tom and Jessie's New House Trivia." For example, can you guess what gifts the previous owners left behind for us?

If you guessed a Mickey Mouse light switch plate, a bathroom drawer full of used Gillette razors, and a note from a mother to her child about behavioral care, you are correct. In the interest of patient confidentiality, I'll just post a picture of the light-switch plate, which happened to be in the deepest, darkest corner of the unfinished basement, mounted to a 3/8" OSB wall.

If I was to draw the line from Disney decorations to assume this was the kids' room, they must have hated their kids. I mean, they did get a window peering out to the backside of a large bush. Well, it's just a screen, the glass is missing. But hey, they got their own plumbing. Plus, they could lock the doors for privacy (the "they" in that sentence is the parents, as the locks are on the outside of the doors and are padlocks). You know, the more I talk about this, the more I feel like this was a murder house. Awesome to the max.

This house has got it coming. And IT is a long list of stuff. You'll see it as it comes up, as that is the purpose of this blog, but we've already started stripping paint, repainting, replacing appliances, taking off doors, and building furniture. Next on the list is: patching some missing singles on the roof, replumbing, rewiring, finishing the floors, knocking out walls.... ...actually, I think we're going to wait on that last one, at least for a week or two. In a couple weeks we'll have some assistance painting the outside of the house as well, possibly. Plus, we have to plant our garden with the quickness and make a sweet fence for a small part of the yard so we can just let Optimus run around outside a little.

Anyways, stay tuned, because now we're both posting...so get ready, or something. Obviously, Optimus is not ready, but he is keeping my left hip warm while I write this.


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  1. Sevendust is completely a Tom thing. I wanted to ban it from the blog...and I'm tempted to just change it to Phil Collins or something.