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Since I am taking a hiatus from my house/furniture/yard endeavors to visit my near and dear in Michigan, I figured I would post a little bit about what we are spending our weekend doing.  As you know, Tom and I became beekeepers in July when my mom and stepdad came down to visit.  They brought a starter hive and we got the bees from a local beekeeper.  This is how my family got started:

...and this weekend, we extracted the honey from the hive frames.  I'm sure most of you probably don't know much about beekeeping, so another post will come soon.  In the meantime, here is a video showing some of what happened on Saturday. 

Sometime in the next week, I will be posting a tutorial on how to build a compost bin and more explanation about beekeeping, honey extraction, how to make products out of beeswax and other things I find interesting.


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