I'm So Tired

Ahhhhh.  I lost half of the post, so that's what you'll get here.

Yes, I am not in school anymore.  However, I do have homework for getting a proposal together for a social work conference.  Procrastinating is way more fun, plus you all get to see what we have been spending our time on away from the computer.  This is months overdue, we know.

We finally moved into the back bedroom over the holidays since we had lots of guests and needed more space.  To give us some privacy from the people staying in the back bedroom, we put up sheets (to also keep some of the dust to a minimum).  Under that blue panel, we did find some more brick.  Instead of chiseling all 3" of plaster off by hand, which is a HUGE pain and takes forever, we got a $15 air hammer/chisel.  Tip: Those are one of the best tools EVER.

 While our room looks pretty and colorful, there were also a few problems.  Well, at least one that really stuck out.  In a normal house, the humidity is supposed to be at 45%.  Ours is at a dusty 16%.  With the humidifier working overtime since Christmas, we've gotten it up to about 33%.  Better, but not great.

Meanwhile, this is what the future master bathroom looked like.  On top of the window are all of the boards we pulled out from the old door and casing, moulding and trim from around the room.

Well, there are super old 2x4's in that stud wall.  We had to remove two of them to make room for a bathroom door.  That bathroom door happened to come from the entrance to the 2nd bedroom, so we moved the ENTIRE old rickety frame and door to a new location.  We're really going for that whole reduce, reuse, recycle thing...or whatever.  Basically just the part where we want to make the house as old and authentic as possible without buying a ton of new stuff.  When we took the studs out, we cut them down to reuse them.  However, you can see the interesting stuff we found when we took them out. Original 88 year old bark on them as well as sap still oozing out of the wood.  Pretty cool, huh? 

Bathroom progress!  You can also see the paint swatches I'm testing out to see what goes best with the future bathroom.  We're still trying to do earthy tones, but we figured terra cotta would be best to match with the brick and the tiles we want to put down.  I'm fairly certain we are going with the bottom color. We also got a tub at the Habitat ReStore for $25.  I just wanted one that was bigger and deeper, but didn't care about having jets.  This one had been marked down from $75 and was the loner, so, of course, I wanted it.  There was grout and caulk around the edges, but all I needed was a putty knife.  Simple, easy. 

Matching the paint to the black slate tiling:

Other unfinished projects - 
Finding the perfect paint for the hallway...

...and the bathroom. 

We also have colonies of squirrels living in our basement laughing at us.  So not cool. 

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