Can't Buy Me Love...At Least Not for $14 - $24

For the past few months, I have been searching high and low for metal/iron shelf brackets to replace the awful looking wood ones in our master bedroom. After seeing these on Anthropologie, I wanted them. 

Beautiful colors and very rustic looking.  *sigh*

However, I could not and would not pay $14 - $24 per bracket.

Instead, I found some sort of place called DJ's Liquidators (or something along those lines) on the way home from visiting one set of the parents in Baltimore.  Yes, they are garden brackets, but they serve exactly the same purpose and are just as beautiful as the ones at Anthropologie.  Each was a whopping $3.49 for a heavy duty metal bracket.  LOVE.  Awesome.  Too bad there were only two left. 

With a little paint, they transform into the perfect match for our house.

For now, they are sitting in one of our windowsills while we plug away at our bedroom/bathroom remodel.  Until that is finished, they add a touch of girly beauty to the kitchen.

I guess you can buy me love...for $3.49 each + tax. 


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