Breakfast Nook - Before and Mid-After

We made some changes to our kitchen to try to make it feel a little more like home and, hopefully, a little cozier.  Since moving in, every night has been a chaotic frenzy of "what are we having for dinner?", "did you go to the store?", "we need to make food for the bees", "our furnace pilot is out and we can't where we are supposed to light it in the dark"...you get the point.  We have yet to either sand down the bead board or paint it a certain color (you can see that we sanded part of it down in the second picture). 


And After...(minus the bead board work)

All of these paintings are things I have done or family has done.  On the very left is the painting my sister made for us for our wedding.  She knew our colors would be earthy, so she made something to fit our style.  Besides hers, this is my favorite of the paintings on this shelf, taken at the Farmer's Market:


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