Standing Outside a Broken Telephone Booth with Money in My Hand

Our bathroom sink clogged up a few months ago.  Tom ripped apart the plumbing and the clog is somewhere more than 2' from the trap.  I feel particularly bad and gross since it is my fault.  Whilst cleaning the bathroom, I was rinsing the sponge in the sink.  Apparently our sink cannot handle the amount of grist we had accumulated, hence the feeling bad and gross.

Several days ago, I was rushing to get dishes done before leaving on a weekend trip to the mountains so our house wouldn't stink, so we wouldn't come home to a mess and so our bold mouse friends wouldn't get into them.  Yes, MICE.  When we replaced the dishwasher last summer, there was evidence of them and just yesterday, I was poking around near that general area and my suspicions were confirmed.  Mice are one of the grossest things I can think of; I hate them even more than I hate squirrels and crickets, and I am pretty good at not getting grossed out by a very wide range of things.  That is why I let out a very loud squeal when I saw one scurry across the floor toward the dryer (which is in our back mudroom since it is the only place it has a correct plug for it in our house).  Optimus was outside, so the mudroom door was open and I am *crossing my fingers* hoping it went out the door since I poked around and did not find it (yes, I was being REALLY brave).

Anyway...onto the other part of the story.  I was letting the water out of the sink when I hear a waterfall-esque sound.  Oh, wonderful.  When I opened the cabinet under the sink, there was water squirting out of the top of the piece of PVC that hooks into the trap.  While I did secure the primer and glue that is needed to attach the pieces together, I am not 100% sure that is all that is needed.  Tom doesn't get home until at least 7pm now since he started his new job.  Therefore, he does not want to deal with this after he gets home from work when he has about 3 hours before heading to bed.  I'm going to attempt to attack it if it is still like this in a few days.

So at the moment, we have the choice to wash our pots and pans in the tub or with the hose.

The last three months have been really similar to this particular situation.  Remember Hurricane Irene?  We still have a rather large tree trunk in our yard that we can't get through since we don't have a chainsaw and axes, circ saws and reciprocating saws can only do so much.


On the plus side, we have been in our house for almost 1.5 years.  Yay?


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